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Safety Precautions During COVID-19

Safety Precautions During COVID-19

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We have been getting frequent calls asking if we’re open during the stay at home orders in Montgomery County. To provide peace of mind we wanted to remind customers that Yes We Are Open and considered an essential service as skilled tradesman, providing services that are necessary in maintaining the safety, sanitation, and essential operation of residences and other structures.

As a reminder please read through the safety precautions we are taking at Total Air to protect you and our employees:

1. At this time none of our team members have been sick, and we are insisting that any team member with any symptoms of any respiratory illness or fever stay home and not return to work until cleared by a physician. If an employee is to come in contact with someone tested positive with COVID-19 we will request a quarantine time period and a negative test result prior to returning to work.

2. We are instructing all team members to disinfect hands before and after each call and we are making that possible by placing antibacterial dispensers in all service vehicles. Before entering your home, each technician will sanitize their hands, wear a face mask and shoe covers while in the home and during direct contact with the customer. For the health and safety of the technician during service of the ac system, technicians will not be required to wear a face mask while performing work on the ac system and/or in a hot attic so they may properly breath. 

3. We are practicing a clean work environment by disinfecting vehicles and equipment on a regular basis.

4. We are temporarily doing away with our traditional handshake greeting to reduce contact in an effort to protect you and our employees. We are also asking technicians to request customers use their own pens when signing approval for work, and to minimize contact during paperwork transactions. Technicians may leave a paper copy of the work order with the customer if it is approved by the customer.

5. We are doing away with our normal office meetings and holding short touch base’s as needed in groups of less than 8 people at a time.

Thank you and stay safe!  Please contact us at 936-890-4070 for any questions or to schedule.

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