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Air Conditioning Maintenance

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AC Maintenance


An AC unit is an expensive, long-term investment. It only makes sense that you would want to take care of it as best you can. When you take care of your AC unit, it takes care of you as well. It has the potential to serve you for up to 10-15 years. If you would like to delay the inevitable replacement, keep up with your regular AC maintenance.

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Big Value

AC Tune-Up


$99 AC Tune-Up Per System

  • 50-point inspection
  • Check refrigerant and pressure
  • Check T-STAT for proper operation
  • Tighten electrical connections
  • Water Wash of Outdoor Condenser
  • Water flush of Drain Lines
  • Inspection Report Provided to Homeowner

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The Benefits of Regular AC Maintenance

Extended Lifespan

When your AC unit is cleaned regularly, the components undergo less wear and tear. A clean system allows the unit to run more efficiently and reduces the frequency of repairs needed. An AC unit that is under immense strain will break down quickly. Do not let your AC unit wear out.

Decreased Electricity Bills

When something is obstructing the flow of air in your AC unit, the components work harder to overcome it. Naturally, this will use more energy. It will be hard not to notice this spike in your electricity bill at the end of the month. Regular cleaning will ensure that no obstructions prevent the air from reaching your home.

Fewer Repairs

AC repair services are expensive. When you maintain your AC unit, you can cut down on the number of repairs you request. An AC unit that is well maintained is less likely to break down during summer.


$69 AC Tune-Up Per System ($30 Off , Originally $99)

Improved Air Quality

When your AC unit is clean, it will release clean air. However, if your AC unit is filled with dust and dirt, it will be blown into your home, causing respiratory illnesses and allergy symptoms.

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What Does an AC Maintenance Service Entail?

AC maintenance is mostly an annual cleanup. Dirty components are the leading cause of a failing AC unit. When you schedule an AC unit maintenance, our technicians will ensure that your entire AC unit is clear from any obstacles.

The AC Maintenance Checklist

  • Condenser Cleaning

Your condenser is your outdoor unit. Naturally, this can get dirty very quickly. Our AC technicians will ensure that the area around your outdoor condenser unit is clear. They will also perform a water wash cleaning on the outdoor unit during the spring/summer maintenance.

  • Cleaning The Drain Lines

As your AC unit tries to dehumidify your home, some of the moisture accumulates in the drain lines. From time to time, these drain lines can become blocked by dirt that sticks to the moistened lines.

  • Thermostat

A common problem with most AC units is a faulty thermostat. We will ensure that your thermostat works and keeps your home at the right temperature.

  • Change Your Dirty Air Filter

An air filter should be changed every month or two, especially if you have pets. A dirty air filter blocks the amount of air your AC unit can release.

  • Low Refrigerant Levels

Your refrigerant is not supposed to run out. Low refrigerant levels could mean you have a leak somewhere. We will ensure that you have sufficient refrigerant, and we will also provide you with options to locate the leak so your refrigerant stops leaking out.

  • Electrical Connections

Your AC unit is connected to your electrical system. We will ensure that all the electrical components and controls are working as they should.

  • Ductwork

Our technicians will ensure that your ductwork is sealed properly so that it does not let the cool air escape before reaching your home.

When Should You Schedule These AC Services?

We suggest that you call for your regular AC maintenance just before summer starts. After all, it is during summer that your AC unit works hardest. To ensure that everything runs smoothly, schedule an AC tune-up just before the peak of summer. We also recommend scheduling a fall/winter heating maintenance to check your heater before the cold weather arrives.

HVAC Maintenance

AC unit maintenance has never been easier. Our unbeatable AC servicing will extend the life of your AC unit so that you and your family can have many cool days to come.

Why Should You Choose Total Air for Your Air Conditioner Services

Not only are our AC maintenance services affordable, but they are also trustworthy. You will see the difference in your AC’s performance. AC servicing is our specialty. We take pride in caring for our neighbor’s comfort. Our HVAC technicians are kind and friendly. They are respectful of your time and home. You can count on them to provide quality AC unit maintenance. If you are not 100% satisfied with our AC maintenance service, please contact our office so we can remedy the situation for you. It is our goal to have 100% satisfaction and all we ask is for you to give us the opportunity to correct it. If we are unable to resolve the situation we will refund all of your money.

For more information on our AC maintenance services in your area, or to schedule a service with one of our professionals, contact us or give us a call at (936) 890-4070

What's Included In Our Tune-Up?


Total Air A/C Tune-up Includes:

  • 50-point inspection
  • Check refrigerant and pressure
  • Check T-STAT for proper operation
  • Tighten electrical connections
  • Water Wash of Outdoor Condenser
  • Water flush of Drain Lines
  • Inspection Report Provided to Homeowner

Our AC Tune-Up is perfect for customers in need of a thorough inspection of safety components on your AC system. We provide you with the maintenance inspection report of how your system is currently operating and any recommendations we have to improve the operation and efficiency of your system.

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