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Thermostat Installation


Total Air is proud to offer the following range of thermostats to our customers from your most basic non-programmable turn-dial thermostat to smart learning thermostats.

All thermostat options come with the thermostat of your choice, professional installation, Wi-Fi set-up and programming set to your schedule and needs.

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Our Products


Honeywell T1 Non-Programmable Thermostat

T1 tstat

For the homeowner who wants an easy to use, well lite large screen thermostat with only a few buttons this thermostat is perfect for you. No programming required and you set the thermostat to the temperature you want.


  • Soft Key Controls
  • Large Backlit Display
  • No Fuss, Simple to Use
  • Easy Access Battery Replacement

Honeywell T6 Pro Programmable Thermostat

T6 thermastat

Designed to work for your schedule your way, the T Series thermostat allows for a full week of 7-day programming. You can easily adjust it if your plans change and this thermostat will automatically heat or cool your home to maintain the temperature you like most.


  • 7-day, 5-2, 5-1-1 or non-programmable
  • Simple push button functionality
  • Filter change reminders
  • Flexible Programming

Honeywell T6 Pro Wi-Fi Thermostat

T6 wifi thermostat

This touchscreen Wi-Fi thermostat has a large back-lit display which makes it easy to select options and check for reminders for filter changes. If you’re looking for the convenience of controlling your thermostat from your smart phone, computer or tablet this thermostat is a great option for you.


  • Allows remote access to the thermostat through a computer, tablet or smart phone
  • Displays humidity percent
  • 7-day programming
  • Large Touchscreen 
  • Filter replacement reminders
  • Dual Powered- battery or hard wire
  • Energy Star Certified

Honeywell 9000 Wi-Fi Thermostat

Wifi 9000 tstat

You’ll love the look of this thermostat’s colorful, high definition touch screen with color changing capabilities to match the décor in your home. Wi-Fi capable, you can control this thermostat from anywhere in your house. Simple 7-day programming and touch screen input make this thermostat easy to use.


  • Allows remote access to the thermostat through a computer, tablet or smart phone
  • Color touchscreen with on-screen information
  • 7 Day programming
  • Fan control
  • Receive system alerts to your wi-fi devises
  • Energy Star Certified