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Facility Maintenance Plans

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Commercial HVAC Maintenance Plans in Houston, TX

Customized to Your Facility Needs

Our facility maintenance plans are commercial maintenance agreements that are tailored to fit the individual needs of each facility. Maintenance agreements can be tailored for weekly, monthly, or quarterly maintenance and can be customized to include the following

  • Filter Replacement
  • Belt replacement
  • Coil Cleaning
  • Cleaning of drain pan & condensate drain lines
  • Preventative 50-Point System Inspections
  • Inspection of associated controls & electrical connections

We welcome you to learn more about our capabilities by viewing our Commercial Portfolio. Or feel free to contact our office to speak with our commercial service manager.

How to Get Started


Before preventative maintenance can be implemented, an overall detailed inspection of all HVAC equipment is to be performed by a Total Air Service technician. This inspection will ensure all HVAC equipment is working properly and as energy efficient as per manufacturer design. As your HVAC equipment is the largest consumption of energy usage, the below crucial steps are taken by Total Air to ensure highest level of energy efficiency.

  1. Discovery: Assessment of the operation & efficiency of facility equipment through a facility site evaluation.
  2. Analysis: Technicians analyze inefficiencies of equipment and determine any repairs or replacement needs for optimal equipment operation.
  3. Proactive: Technicians take a proactive approach to reducing risk of equipment downtime by recommending repairs to client and proceeding with repairs/replacements as agreed upon with client.
  4. Preventative: Once equipment is running as efficient as per manufacturer design, technicians maintain the overall operation to ensure continual payback on your investment.

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