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Mini Split Systems


Mini Split Systems


Mini-split systems help homeowners control the heat in specific rooms throughout their homes. Ductless systems offer the convenience of customization with zero ductwork necessary, allowing you to tailor specific temperature settings to each room separately. The experts at Total Air are well-versed in ductless mini-split air conditioning systems, and we can help you install your new air conditioning products safely and efficiently.

Are you searching for services regarding ductless mini-split systems? The expert team at Total Air can help you install, repair, or maintain your ductless air conditioning system. Don’t hesitate to contact us online or call our friendly customer service team today to book your first or next ductless mini-split system service, at (936) 890-4070.

Mini Split Systems in Willis, Texas Total Air

Is Ductless Mini-Split System Installation Worth It?

Ductless mini-split system installation provides an energy-efficient alternative to traditional HVAC systems. They are especially useful for individual cooling in extra-hot areas of your home like your garage. However, they can also be used in conjunction with your HVAC system, so cool air isn’t lost to these hot-pocket areas and causing your cooling system to work harder. 

How to Size a Mini-Split System

One of the first factors we consider in ductless installations is how to size a mini-split system properly. Systems that are too small will fail to cool your room properly and strain their functions. On the other hand, systems that are too large will cause improper cycles and energy waste. We will take proper measurements to ensure your mini-split size is just right for your home.

How Much Does a Mini-Split System Cost?

At this point, you may be wondering, how much does a mini-split system cost? While ductless systems may not be the cheapest system to install, they majorly reduce monthly energy costs. With no ductwork to worry about, ductless systems don’t lose air or waste energy due to ductwork leaks. The ductless mini-split system’s customized preferences also help it to preserve energy, instead of cooling rooms that don’t need to be cooled simultaneously.

Mini-Split System Energy Savings

The biggest draw of mini-split systems is their energy savings. Running a traditional HVAC system or an improperly installed AC unit can lead to high energy costs because your AC system must compensate for whole-home cooling, part breakdowns, and incorrect sizing or setups. Our mini-split system installations keep your cooling process simple and efficient. 

Do You Need an HVAC Contractor to Complete Services?

It’s important to seek professional services if your home experiences an HVAC issue. After all, heating and cooling units in your home deal with dangerous electrical wiring and deadly chemical refrigerant. Our technicians are trained in safe methods to handle HVAC components, and we will complete your ductless service projects hazard-free.

Services For Installing, Repairing, or Maintaining a Mini-Split System

Our mini-split services include installing a mini-split system, split-system HVAC repair, and maintenance for mini-splits. These service tasks help introduce a reliable ductless system to your home and keep it performing efficiently to maintain an affordable monthly energy bill.

Installing a Mini-Split System

First, our trained technicians can assist you with installing a mini-split system in your home. We will determine which rooms need head units, take measurements, and choose the correct size unit for your home. You will typically need a mini-split replacement after 10-12 years, depending on how well it was maintained and any major repairs or damage it underwent.

Split-System HVAC Repair

For your existing ductless system, we can assist you with split-system HVAC repair services. While your mini-split won’t suffer from energy-wasting ductwork leaks, it can struggle with dangerous refrigerant leaks from corroded parts in your system. We can help you patch any leaks and top off your refrigerant levels properly.

Maintenance For Mini-Splits

Maintenance for mini-splits should be conducted every 60 to 90 days to ensure your air filters are clean, and no parts are leaking, frozen, or otherwise obstructed. Your system should also undergo an annual tune-up to address areas of your AC system that can improve, ways to better manage your home cooling efficiency, and how to reduce your monthly energy bill.

Trust Total Air To Install Your Mini-Split System

Total Air offers our Texas customers total commitment and total comfort, with 24/7 emergency HVAC services and a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. Our HVAC contractors are background tested and approved and arrive at your home promptly to begin your projects. Our HVAC service prices stay affordable, straightforward, and upfront, with no hidden fees.

Are you looking for a reliable mini-split system? The professionals at Total Air can help complete your ductless mini-split installation. Texas’ 90-degree summers will be no match for your home’s efficient cool air delivery system. Schedule your ductless AC services with an HVAC contractor from our team today, Contact us online or call us at (936) 890-4070.

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