Why is my AC Unit Leaking Water?

rust stains from ac drain 225x300

Do you have water draining outside your house or onto your ceiling? If so, you may have an HVAC drainage issue! This is your auxiliary drain line and should not be draining. There are a couple of reasons that could cause this problem including:

1-The drain line is clogged! A clogged drain line is the most common cause of drainage outside. Drain pans and drain lines can clog with dirt, debris, and rust that build up over time. The water will then back up inside the drain line and drain into the emergency drain pan. This emergency drain pan will then drain the water outside.

2-The Evaporator Coil Is Frozen. A frozen evaporator coil can cause ice to block the drain line which causes the water to overflow into the emergency drain pan. The evaporator coil is most likely to freeze if your refrigerant levels are low or if your evaporator coil is very dirty. Low refrigerant levels often indicate a refrigerant leak somewhere in the system. Our licensed technicians can help you get to the bottom of this issue by identifying leaks and repairing your system.

3-Your Indoor System Isn’t Leveled Properly. If your air conditioner wasn’t installed and leveled properly, the drain pan may be angled in the wrong direction which causes the water to build up and drain into the emergency drain pan.

A regular planned maintenance of your ac system can help catch any of the above issues in advance. We recommend scheduling maintenance every 6 months on your hvac system for a thorough cleaning and full system inspection of your ac or heating system. Our technicians can also discuss preventative treatments to your system including a slow-release drain pan treatment and a condensate safety switch to prevent overflow of water onto your ceiling. Give us a call today for information or any questions you may have.
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