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SEER2 New Efficiency Standards & How It Effects Homeowners

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SEER2 New Efficiency Standards & How It Effects Homeowners

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By January 1, 2023, the next set of energy efficiency increases will impact newly manufactured residential and commercial equipment and will take effect in January. For single-phase residential and light commercial central air conditioning systems, the requirements will vary by region. The US market is divided into 3 Climate Regions (North, Southwest, Southeast) Texas is located in the Southeast region. Each climate region will have its own minimum efficiency levels. With new testing procedures, limited sell through opportunities and a 1% SEER increases for northern and southern regions, it’s important you stay up to date with your territory’s guidelines.


New Efficiency Standards for 2023 & what SEER2 Means for Homeowners?

New minimum energy efficiency standards for the Department of Energy (DOE) begin on January 1, 2023, and Total Air Service will be ready to serve your needs. When it comes to providing energy-efficient quality products that meet future demands, our priority is to partner with one of leading manufactures in the HVAC industry, Daiken manufacturers and specifically the Amana product line to meet industry standards.

Government mandated new regulations are an effort to reduce energy consumption. HVAC manufacturers and contractors will be required to provide central air-conditioning and air-source heat pump systems that meet new minimum 2023 energy efficiency standards. The minimum efficiency requirements are changing but testing regulations that determine efficiencies have also been amended.

If you’re looking to replace your ac system in 2022 with a less expensive 14 SEER option you still have the option, but you’ll have to decide whether it makes sense to install a 14 SEER unit vs. a 14.3 SEER2 system in 2023. If you are considering selling your home soon and want to be compliant with 2023 energy efficiency standards your best bet would be to purchase a now SEER 16 unit before SEER 2 goes into effect. The minimum SEER 2 of 14.3 equates to SEER 15 under the current standard, so getting a slightly more efficient unit today will leave you in the clear in 2023


2023 Minimum Efficiency Standards:

The new minimum efficiency standards are based upon new metrics (SEER2/EER2 derived from a new test procedure (M1) rather (M). These new testing procedures and requirements for developing efficiency ratings will now be more stringent with the new 2023 DOE regulations. AC systems available for purchase in the Southeast starting in 2023 will have a new minimum SEER2 of 14.3 which equates to a current 15 SEER system. With testing standards now more stringent the new minimum efficiency standard is 14.3. This is good for homeowners looking to replace in 2023 because the least efficient unit you can buy in 2023 (14.3 SEER2) will be more efficient than the least efficient unit you can buy in 2022 (14

SEER). Stock levels of remaining 14 SEER and even 16-21 SEER equipment are in limited supply until SEER 2 changes are in effect as contractors will be required to install SEER 2 in 2023. There is still some stock level available for immediate replacement, but quantities are limited the closer we get to Jan 1st.

Texas is located in the Southeast

The following products will be affected by SEER2 Regulations:

  • Air Conditioner Condensing Units
  • Heat Pumps
  • Single Packaged Units
  • Evaporator Coils
  • Gas Furnaces


Moving into 2023, make sure you are working with a contractor that understands these compliance requirements, so you do not receive a non-compliant 14 SEER system in 2023. Contractors installing non-compliant equipment will be in violation of the regional minimum. This also puts homeowners at risk to replace the system again if when selling the home, a buyer requests a replacement due to the new compliancy standards.

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