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5 Benefits of Commercial HVAC Maintenance

5 Benefits of Commercial HVAC Maintenance


Why Are They Important?

Commercial HVAC maintenance plans help facility managers extend the life of their HVAC building equipment and reduce operating costs in both frequency of repairs and energy savings.  Based on an article from, “Organizations that have implemented comprehensive planned and predictive maintenance programs show dramatic decreases in maintenance costs. And when factors are included, such as extended equipment life, reduced energy use, less frequent system downtime, and decreased interruptions to building operations, organizations that have implemented comprehensive maintenance programs find that their total costs can be as much as 50% lower than the costs for those organizations that continue to maintain equipment re-actively. ”

Read the full article below: HVAC Maintenance & Energy SavingsFacilitiesNet

What Are the Benefits?

Maintenance agreements are resourceful in predicting failures before they become a costly and emergency repair for your facility. Having your commercial facility professionally maintained by a licenses contractor provides the following benefits:

Decrease of Costly Repairs
Scheduled maintenance can greatly reduce the potential for costly unplanned repairs. It is unfortunately impossible to avoid all HVAC repair situations, however scheduled preventative maintenance can help alleviate unplanned emergency breakdowns. Professional PM maintenance plans allow facility managers to understand the condition of their building equipment and plan for repairs before they become an emergency.

Extended Equipment Lifespan
HVAC maintenance is very similar to conducting maintenance on your vehicle. Frequent oil changes, belt replacements & filter changes extend the life of your vehicle. If you don’t change the oil, the engine gets clogged and eventually fails. This is the same concept for air conditioning & heating equipment. Equipment that has dirty coils & clogged moving parts has to work much harder to operate properly, which leads to burn-out & failure. Smart facility managers spend more on preventative maintenance to extend the shelf life of their existing equipment, and less on replacements & frequent component change outs.

Increased Energy Efficiency
According to Whole Building Design Guide, 39% of the energy used in U.S. commercial buildings is from Heating, Ventilating & Air-Conditioning equipment. According to their study the use of high-performance HVAC equipment can result in energy savings of between 10%-40%. The only way to keep your equipment running at high-performance is through proper re-occurring maintenance.

Improved Air Quality
Dirty coils and blower parts within your air conditioning system can cause polluted indoor air quality, raising concern for increase in pollen, fungi and bacteria buildup. This sort of build-up can cause many health-related concerns including asthma attacks, eye, nose & through inflation and flu-like illnesses. Proper maintenance reduces contamination of your system’s airstream and makes for a healthier environment for your building occupants.

Priority Service
With a customized maintenance plan, your facility becomes top priority in the eyes of service providers.  Service technicians begin to understand your building equipment and build relationships with the facility occupants creating less headache for facility managers.

To learn more about commercial HVAC maintenance, Total Air is available to help answer your questions at 936-890-4070.

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