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5 Benefits of an HVAC Surge Protector

5 Benefits of an HVAC Surge Protector


Having surge protectors for computers, TVs, and other appliances at home and in the office is crucial. Power surges can lead to data loss, rendering your devices useless. But have you considered the impact on your HVAC system? Power surges can cause overheating and damage to electrical components like the compressor, control board, thermostat, and motors. Avoid the hassle and expenses of repairs and replacements by investing in high-quality surge protectors. Total Air has a team of licensed professionals ready to help you safeguard your HVAC system with our MARS Surge Protectors that we keep stocked on our trucks. 

What is an HVAC Surge Protector? 

HV surge protectors are crucial accessories that safeguard your system from power surges, preventing costly and irreversible damage. Power surges can originate from external factors like thunderstorms, lightning strikes, blown transformers, and damaged power lines. They can also arise internally from faulty breakers or appliances in your home. Typically, the surge protector for an HVAC system is situated near or inside the unit itself. Each system requires two surge protectors, one for the indoor unit and one for the outdoor unit. Invest in HVAC surge protectors to shield your system and ensure its longevity and performance.


How Does a Surge Protector Work? 

Yes we would be happy to explain! An HVAC surge protector works by diverting any excess electricity away from your HVAC system and acts as a pass-through for excess electricity from the power source to your HVAC system. When a power surge occurs, the protector works to prevent your unit from getting too much electricity and will absorb the surge or spike instead of it reaching the HVAC equipment. A green LED light on a surge protector indicates a surge protector is working properly.  If the surge protector were to absorb a large surge it would kill the surge protector and the light will turn red. The surge protector will no longer be good at that time and it will need to be replaced with a new surge protector. After the installation of a surge protector Total Air checks your surge protector every 6 months with our maintenance program to confirm operation of the device and if a surge has occurred at your home. It is estimated for surge protectors to last every 2 years depending on the amount of surges received in the area. 



5 Advantages of Having an HVAC Surge Protector

Are you considering whether investing in an HVAC surge protector is worthwhile? The answer is a resounding yes! We understand that everything related to HVAC involves an investment, but let us share some of the advantages of having a surge protector for your system. These benefits will help you make an informed decision that aligns with your needs. Explore the perks and ensure optimal protection for your HVAC system.


1) Protects your investment

Your HVAC system is a valuable investment, and it’s crucial to take measures to safeguard it. Power surges pose a significant risk to your system, potentially causing extensive damage to its electrical components, such as compressors, motors, and electrical boards. Repair costs can quickly add up.

By ensuring you have a surge protector in place, you can effectively prevent expensive repairs and guarantee optimal system performance. With proper protection, your HVAC system will last longer, operate more efficiently, and give you peace of mind.

2) Saves you money

Investing in an HVAC surge protector may seem pricey at first, but it’s a smart long-term money-saving move. By safeguarding your system against damage, you avoid expensive repairs and replacements. Additionally, you can ensure smooth system functionality for years to come. It’s a worthwhile investment that pays off over time, both financially and in terms of longevity. Protect your HVAC system and your wallet!

3) Prevents downtime

If your HVAC system sustains damage due to a power surge, it will require repair or replacement. This can result in substantial downtime for your home or business. However, by implementing a surge protector, you can prevent such disruptions and ensure uninterrupted operation of your system. Preserve your comfort and minimize business interruptions with a reliable surge protector for your HVAC system.

4) Increases your comfort

Your HVAC system is responsible for keeping your home or business comfortable. If your system is damaged by a power surge, you may not be able to maintain a comfortable environment. By having a surge protector in place, you can ensure that your system is always working properly and that you’re always comfortable.

5) Ensures your safety

A power surge can cause an electrical fire, which can be dangerous. By having a surge protector in place, you can avoid this hazard and keep your family safe. You can never be too careful when it comes to your safety, and a surge protector is one way to ensure that you’re always safe.

Let Total Air Install Your HVAC Mars Surge Protector

We care about your comfort and safety, and we want to help you protect your investment. That’s why we offer Mars HVAC surge protector installation services. We’ll test your system during a maintenance appointment to ensure that it’s working properly and that you’re always safe. Contact us today at (936)249-6999 to help you get the proper service installation and Mars HVAC surge protector you need for your HVAC System.

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