Our Team

Meet Our Team

Chad Carter
President & CEO
Total Air is owned and operated by Chad Carter. Chad was born and raised in Montgomery County and founded Total Air in 2008 to help commercial facility managers run their HVAC facility equipment efficiently and cost effectively. As the company grew Chad recognized a need for a professional residential service provider in Willis, TX and expanded the company to include residential services to the community. Chad has extensive knowledge in chiller maintenance & repair of large commercial equipment, and is continuously training and leading Total Air technicians through his experience and knowledge. His goal is to provide prompt and reliable service to each customer the first time around. Chad is a proud U.S. Marine veteran and has serviced Montgomery County for the past 21 years in HVAC mechanical contracting, repair and maintenance.
Robin Carter
Office Manager
As office manager, Robin Carter, manages all office tasks including invoicing, purchase orders, and employee support. Robin was born and raised in California and moved to Texas with Chad once he completed his tour with the Marine Corps. As a proud wife, Robin supports Chad and the Total Air goal of providing exceptional service to our customers. Robin also has a strong passion for DIY and loves spending time with her five children.
Nichole Snellgrove
Business Development Manager
Nichole joined Total Air in October of 2014 into a new role of Business Development Manager. She graduated from The University of North Texas in 2010 with a merchandising business degree and has since then gained corporate experience in process management, quality assurance & production. She is supporting Total Air with efforts in marketing, process management and business expansion. She is also assigned as the company dispatcher and account manager to several of our commercial accounts in order to provide the best support to our commercial & residential clients.
Jason Schoenfeldt
Service Manager
Jason joined Total Air in June of 2017 and comes to us with over 25 years of commercial HVAC experience. Jason leads our service team with his expert knowledge in commercial applications. Jason provides our customers with quick turnaround proposals and assists with management of our commercial projects from start to finish. He has become a great asset to our team and we are happy to have him at Total Air Service. Jason has two sweet boys and in his spare time he likes to take them dirt bike riding on the weekends!
Willy Schumann
Commercial Projects Advisor
With over 45 years in HVAC chiller & refrigeration experience Mr. Schumann assists our team as a commercial project advisor for large construction. Willy provides our technicians with personal training and mentoring to continue to educate and develop the most professional of HVAC technicians in Montgomery County. Willy is also a U.S. Marine veteran and strongly supports Total Air Service with business development & processing with his vast amount of knowledge. Willy is now retired but still acts as an advisor to Total Air Service so we can provide the best mechanical knowledge to our customers.
Tom Helton
HVAC Service Technician
Tom joined Total Air Service during the early formation of the company as a lead service technician. He has over 15 years of commercial HVAC experience including working with large commercial clients in the Houston metropolis. Tom brings a strong customer service skill set to Total Air with his ability to continue to service his clients based on the needs of their facility. Our customers often ask for him personally because he is committed to assisting the customer. Tom is strong in HVAC system failure diagnosis & service and is gaining extensive knowledge in chiller maintenance and repair. Tom has been a loyal employee since the beginning and is a strong member of our team.
Joey Larive
HVAC Service Technician
Joey is the newest member of our service team and comes to us with over 15 years’ experience in both residential and commercial repair, service and replacement. Specializing in commercial applications with a broad knowledge of HVAC systems from installation to controls, Joey has become a great asset to our team. We are very happy to have him at Total Air. In his spare time Joey loves to ride his motorcycles and remodel is home, and has even gotten several of our team members interested in motorcycles.
Cutter Carter
HVAC Service Technician
Cutter joined Total Air Service in May of 2015 after graduating from Texas State Technical College with a degree in Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Technology. Following in the footsteps of his father, Chad Carter, Cutter plans to continue his training in HVAC technology for a strong technical knowledge in chiller maintenance & repair. We are happy to have him as a full-time service technician; his knowledge and training will continue to expand on the professional services we offer here at Total Air Service. Cutter is known as the class clown at Total Air because he is always cracking jokes and very fun to be around!
Robert Taylor
HVAC Service Technician
Robert joined Total Air Service in Sept of 2013 and has become one of the greatest assets to our team. He provides strong support in exceeding our company goals both in the field and in the office. His knowledge in HVAC systems has grown considerably since 2013 and he has become unstoppable in the commercial division. Robert consistently leads commercial build-out projects and new installation projects, most recently having managed a new construction Fire House Station project in Houston. He has a positive can do attitude and remains calm in any situation, which makes him a favorite among our office staff!
Trey Carter
HVAC Service Technician & Residential Installer
Trey comes to us with several years experience in the general contracting field and is now seeking a career in commercial HVAC. Also son to Chad Carter, Trey attended Perfect Technician Academy in Wimberly, TX and gained his hvac universal license. With his strong experience in installation of residential systems Trey is now leading our residential installer team and providing strong customer support to Montgomery County customers
Chad Chick
HVAC Apprentice
Chad is the youngest member of our team and shows great potential for becoming a lead commercial and residential technician. He moved here from Dallas, TX and has become our go to maintenance technician, learning each commercial site and getting to know our customers. He is currently studying to receive his universal EPA license and then begin running his own service calls. We are happy to have Chad a member of our team!